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Ahmed Yassin : le responsable de la mort de 377 Israéliens

Lettre d’information éditée par l’Ambassade d’Israël en France

jeudi 25 mars 2004
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     Le 23/3/04
. Ahmed Yassin : le responsable de la mort de 377 Israéliens


Dans ce document en anglais, vous trouverez les renseignements et ressources concernant Ahmed Yassin, qui a été tué hier lors d'une opération de l'armée de l'air israélienne.


Réactions officielles _______

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon: "Israel has done away with the top leader of Palestinian terrorist murderers. Yassin's idelogical essence was a single-minded determination to murder Jews wherever they may be and destroy the state of Israel. This mass murderer stood in the top rank of the people of Israel's arch-enemies. The war against terror is not over and it will continue every day, everywhere. This is a tough war in which all the nations of the free world understand they must take part. It is the right of the Jewish people, like any other, to hunt down those who aspire to eradicate it."

Minister of Defense Shaul Mofaz: "The so-called 'Sheikh' Yassin was the leader of terror. He was the Palestinian Bin Laden and his hands were soaked in the blood of hundreds of Israelis. Yassin sent his murderers to some of the biggest terror attacks. His assassination is part of the Israeli government's policy in the war against Hamas, and that war will continue."

Quelques faits sur le Hamas et le terrorisme  _______

>> Over the past 3 1/2 years, the Hamas has, in 425 attacks, killed 377 Israelis and wounded 2076.

>> Hamas perpetrated 52 suicide attacks, in which 288 people were killed and 1646 were injured.

>> Among the more infamous Hamas suicide bombings and terrorist attacks were: (list of all terror attacks)

- The 1 June 2001 suicide bombing of a Tel Aviv discotheque, in which 21 people were murdered and 120 were wounded;
- The 9 August 2001 suicide bombing of a Jerusalem restaurant, in which 15 people were murdered and 130 were wounded;
- The 1 December 2001 double suicide bombing on the Ben Yehuda Street pedestrian mall in Jerusalem, in which 11 people were murdered and 188 were wounded;
- The 2 December 2001 suicide bombing of a #16 bus in Haifa, in which 15 people were murdered and 40 were wounded;
- The 9 March 2002 suicide bombing of a Jerusalem cafe, in which 11 people were murdered and 54 were wounded;
- The 27 March 2002 suicide bombing of a Netanya hotel on the first night of Passover, in which 30 people were murdered and 140 were wounded;
- The 18 June 2002 suicide bombing of a #32A bus in Jerusalem, in which 19 people were murdered and 74 were wounded;
- The 4 August 2002 suicide bombing of #361 bus at Meron junction, in which nine people were murdered and 50 were wounded;
- The 21 November 2002 suicide bombing of a #20 bus in Jerusalem, in which 11 people were murdered and 50 were wounded;
- The 5 March 2003 suicide bombing of a #37 bus in Haifa, in which 17 people were murdered and 53 were wounded;
- The 17 May 2003 suicide bombing in Hebron, in which two people were murdered;
- The 18 May 2003 suicide bombing of a #6 bus in Jerusalem, in which seven people were murdered and 20 wounded;
- The 11 June 2003 suicide bombing of #14A bus in Jerusalem, in which 11 people were murdered and over 100 were wounded;
- The 19 August 2003 suicide bombing of a #2 bus in Jerusalem, in which 23 people were murdered and over 130 were wounded;
- The 9 September 2003 suicide bombing of a hitchhiking post near the IDF base at Tzrifin, in which nine soldiers were murdered and 10 were wounded;
- The 9 September 2003 suicide bombing of a Jerusalem cafe, in which seven people were murdered and 70 were wounded;
- The 29 January 2004 suicide bombing of a #19 bus in Jerusalem, in which 11 people were murdered and 44 were wounded;
- The 14 March 2004 double suicide bombing at Ashdod port, in which 10 people were murdered and 16 were wounded.

Citations de Ahmed Yassin  _______

Yassin attacks the USA, saying resistance will endure (2.25.01)
The USA only wants to stand by the enemy, the murderous criminal. This is why we respond to the USA and its allies with rejection. Resistance, we declare, will continue in all possible ways, until the last drop of Palestinian blood. The Palestinian people will surrender with a white flag."

Terror attacks are religiously legitimate, says Yassin (4.30.01)
"Those who fight for Allah kill and get killed", says the holy Koran, without specifying the method. What heroism is superior to that of an individual who sacrifices himself for his country, in attempt to spread fear, defeatism, separation and destruction among enemy lines? Our Muslim clerics should be knowledgeable on this subject."

We will not give up the occupied territories of '48, says Yassin (8.17.02)
I am the defender the Palestinian people more than anyone else. However, if national consensus requires me to recognize Israel and wave my right for the (territories of) '48, and end the resistance to the burden of occupation - then this must not be national consensus."

Hamas may attack everywhere in Israeli territory, says Yassin (9.7.03)
"We haven't limited the military command, battalions or factions. Response may come anywhere in Israel, exactly as it (Israel) acts against the entire Palestinian territory."

Rejects cease-fire with the Zionist enemy (9.24.03)
There is no dialogue. Moreover, the cease-fire was not initiated by the defeated, beaten, chased-after nation, but by the powerful nation that has everything. The Zionist enemy was granted a previous cease-fire and continued with its acts of aggression, massacre, destruction and killing. It didn't stop for even one moment. Therefore, discussing cease-fire today, while the enemy's hostility continues, is not an option."

Kidnapping soldiers is the only way to release prisoners, says Yassin (1.31.04)
I stress now, as I used to before my release from prison in 1997, that there is no solution to the prisoner problem, except for taking captive and exchanging enemy soldiers, because they know nothing but brutality, and will not give us our freedom as a present. He who has our blood on his hands, cannot award us our own freedom. He must pay for his aggression - for arresting our sons - and then give us our freedom."

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Biographie : Sheikh Ahmed Yassin _____

1936: Yassin's birth in Al-Jura

1965: Yassin arrested by Egypt for his involvement in the radical Muslim Brotherhood organization.

1987: Yassin founds Hamas from ranks of Muslim Brotherhood religious organization. Hamas soon emerges as strongest political rival to mainstream Fatah movement of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Hamas opposes peace talks with Israel and carries out scores of suicide bombings, killing hundreds of Israelis, to thwart peace agreements negotiated by Arafat and his supporters.

©2002 Reuters/Andrea Comas
File photo: Ahmed Yassin attends a Hamas rally in Gaza (Dec 27, 2002)
1989: Yassin arrested in mass roundup of nearly 200 Hamas members. Sentenced to life in prison for ordering attacks on Israeli soldiers and on Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel. The quadriplegic Yassin suffers from various illnesses in jail, including chronic bronchitis and eye and ear infections.

1991: Even though Yassin is not entitled to issue fatwah (Islamic ruling), he issues one calling for the killing of Palestinians collaborating with Israel. Yassin studied religion in Cairo but did not graduate. He was never ordained to hold any religious office.

1997: Israel frees Yassin in exchange for two agents from Israel's Mossad spy agency held by Jordan after botched attempt on life of another Hamas leader there.

2000: With breakdown of peace talks and outbreak of new Israeli-Palestinian fighting, Hamas and other terror groups step up campaign of suicide bombings, killing more than 450 people during fighting that has lasted more than three years.

2003: Yassin calls for suicide attacks against U.S. and British forces in Iraq.

May 29, 2003: Yassin praises Osama Bin Laden, wishing that Allah grant him the possibility to continue his fight against the U.S.

January 30, 2004: Yassin says Hamas making every effort to kidnap Israeli soldiers to use as bargaining chips for release of Palestinians in Israeli jails.

March 22, 2004: Helicopter launches three missiles, instantly killing Yassin

Ressources complémentaires _______

Comprehensive information on Hamas's history, ideology, leadership structure and financing available at
(from ICT - The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism)

Hamas Document
The Charter of Allah: The Platform of the Islamic Resistance movement (Hamas)

Lettre d'information éditée par l'Ambassade d'Israël en France
Dina Sorek,
Ministre-conseiller à l'information près l'Ambassade d'Israël à Paris

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