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Landmark exhibits shed light on post-Holocaust life in German displaced person camps
Times of Israel | JACOB JUDAH
Article mis en ligne le 22 juillet 2023

A collaborative exhibition between Munich’s Jewish Museum and its City Museum running through January 2024 tells the stories of tens of thousands in postwar limbo
Rachel Salamander was born in an in-between time and place : The time was just after the end of the Holocaust, when no one knew what the future would bring for the remnants of European Jewry.
The in-between place was a displaced persons camp at Deggendorf, Germany. Her parents Samuel and Riva — survivors from Poland — were among the flood of refugees arriving from the east.
The refugees and other local DPs, as they were nicknamed, were “survivors of concentration camps or gulags, or just people who had everything taken away from them, totally at the end of their rope physically and mentally,” says Salamander.

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